Jim Hurley

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Positions and Employment

1987                            Guest Scientist, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
1990-1992                   Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology, Univ. of Oregon
1992-1997                   Tenure Track Investigator, LMB, NIDDK, NIH
1997-2013                  Senior Investigator, LMB, NIDDK, NIH
1998-2013                   Chief, Section on Structural Biology and Cell Signaling, LMB, NIDDK, NIH
July 2013-                   Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley


Selected Professional Service

1997-1998                   X-ray Biology panel, National Synchrotron Light Source.
1997-2002                   Instructor, FAES Graduate School at NIH.
1999-2003                   Editorial Committee, Annual Reviews of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure
1998-2001                   Scientific advisory committee, HHMI synchrotron X4 beam lines
1999-present               Editorial board, Structure (1999- ), Developmental Cell (2005- ), Cell (2009- )
2009                            Co-chair, annual meeting of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2010                            Co-organizer, ASBMB special symposium on “Biochemistry and Cell Biology of ESCRTs in Health and Disease”, Snowbird, UT, Oct. 14-17, 2010
2011-2012                   Scientific Advisory Board, NIGMS AIDS-related Structural Biology Centers



1984                            Phi Beta Kappa
1984                            Phi Beta Kappa Fellowship
1987-1988                   University Fellowship, UCSF
1988-1990                   University of California Regent's Fellowship
1991-1992                   American Cancer Society Post-Doctoral Fellowship
1998                            Maryland’s Outstanding Young Scientist & Allan C. Davis medal
2009                            SER-CAT Outstanding Science Award
2012                            Chiron Lectures, UC Berkeley
2013                            Judy C. Webb Endowed Chair in the Biological Sciences
2014                            Hans Neurath Award


*UC Berkeley photo by Brittany Hosea-Small