James H. Hurley

University of California, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
374D Stanley Hall (Office) / 360 Stanley Hall (Lab), MC3220
Berkeley, CA 94720

Office Phone: (510) 643-9483
Lab phone: (510) 643-9491

Email: jimhurley AT berkeley DOT edu

We are sorry that we cannot take any undergraduate researchers at this time due to COVID-19 related limits of lab density. In normal times, we welcome a few undergraduates at at time who are interested in learning to do laboratory research at the interface of structural, molecular, and cell biology and biophysics. Several undergrads have contributed importantly to our research projects, and one even had a first author paper in PNAS. Students should have taken or plan to take MCB C100A and 110. The MCB BMB track provides the best background for work in the lab. Students should plan to commit at least 12 hours/week.

The lab accepts graduate students with interests ranging from cellular- and structural-level studies of autophagy, lysosomal regulatory complexes, ESCRT proteins, and HIV and SARS-CoV-2 assemblies on membranes. We are members of the Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Biophysics Graduate Group.

The lab invites outstanding prospective postdoctoral fellows who have a unique vision, are excited by our interdisciplinary approach to membrane and HIV biology, and have top-notch skills in structural biology, molecular biophysics, membrane reconstitution, or cell biology.

The lab is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and expects all members to contribute in positive ways to DEI in science.